Faito Plug Wire & Cap


Faito Racing Plug Wire is a spark plug wire that connects the output of the ignition coil with the spark plug. Using a cable with a wrapper made of silicon insulation which is resistant to high temperatures and prevents leakage of electric current. This spark plug wire is designed to be able to pass the high voltage that comes out of the ignition coil without resistance to the spark plug for a stable ignition.


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    Passes the high-voltage output coil unhindered to the spark plug.

    More stable spark in the combustion chamber.

    Uses two conductor cores to support voltage stability.

    Ignition is bigger and more stable so that the motor performance is more powerful.


    Uses two conductor cores with Kevlar cores.

    Using 3 layers of insulating material to prevent leakage current.

    It is equipped with a waterproof spark plug plug made of silicon.


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Universal 2020 Universal - - PLG/WR-FT64 View Detail


Universal Universal Universal - Size : - - Variant : - - SKU : PLG/WR-FT64