Faito Plug Wire & Cap


Plug Cap, bikers usually call it by the term cop spark plug or cangklong. Faito spark plug plugs use pure copper material in the core to function as a conductor to ensure the flow of electrical voltage to the spark plugs. The cover is made using high quality silicon material which is impermeable to water and has an electrical resistance of 5KΩ which is very effective at preventing radiation leakage so it is safe for other electronic components in your motorbike.

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🏍️ The core is made of pure copper which supports high voltage flow, improves motor performance and is corrosion resistant.

🏍️ The cover with water-resistant silicone material remains safe and comfortable when driving in the rain and puddles.

🏍️ Has an electrical resistance of 5KΩ which is greater than the resistance of the OEM spark plug cop so that it is safer protected from radiation of the large output voltage of the coil

🏍️ Practical, just plug & play.

🏍️ Available in 2 variants “T type” and “S type” which are suitable for your motorcycle.


🏍️ Has an electrical resistance of 5KΩ.

🏍️ Made of water-resistant silicone.

🏍️ The core uses pure copper material for perfect voltage flow.


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Universal 2020 Universal - - PLG/CP-FT63 View Detail


Universal Universal Universal - Size : - - Variant : - - SKU : PLG/CP-FT63