Faito Ignition Coil



The ignition coil functions to change the voltage that comes out of the battery by 12V to tens of thousands of volts after it comes out of the ignition coil to create electric sparks by the spark plug. The Faito 7400 coil is created using 7400 turns of pure copper wire so as to produce a bigger and more stable electric spark even up to 15,000 RPM. This coil is very suitable for use on carburetor motorbikes, especially for 2 stroke motors.


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 Guarantee the iginition coil can work optimally.

 Generates a larger and more stable current and voltage.

 Produces a more perfect ignition so that acceleration remains optimal even at high rotation.

 Supports engine performance above 15,000 RPM.


 Windings using pure copper

 The number of turns is 7400 turns.

 Increase the output voltage 100% - 200%

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Universal 2020 Universal - - IGC/74-FT02 View Detail


Universal Universal Universal - Size : - - Variant : - - SKU : IGC/74-FT02