Product Review

Petrol Pipe NBR Pro

01 September 2022

Petrol Pipe NBR Pro

Petrol pipe is a hose that drains fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor or injector. In the market it is usually known as a petrol pipe.

Faito petrol pipe, made using Nitrile Butadine Rubber, a synthetic rubber that has advantages :

• Flexible

• Resistant to the influence of high temperatures so that it can be used on motorbikes that are used even in extreme conditions such as racing.

• Resistant to chemical influences where this material is able to maintain its elasticity even though this material is passed by gasoline.

• Not easy to harden or brittle so it is more durable and prevents leakage.

• It is not easy to stretch so that it is able to maintain the pressure from the fuel pump so that the performance of the fuel supply is stable.

• Can be used on carburetor motors and injection motors.

• It is equipped with a metal clip which functions to prevent leakage in the connection area with metal channels.

• Metal clip using quality materials that are rust-resistant and not easily brittle.